Are You Drowning?

Drowning? Yeah that sounds very inspirational doesn’t it.  So many time we can be drowning from all sorts of things in life.  We drown in debt.  We drown in relationship issues.  We drown ourselves with work, hobbies, activities…anything.  Most of the time we never anticipated it happening.  We never go and get a credit card and say to ourselves …I just can’t wait to max this thing out! But gradually over time it happens.

I have been thinking about the man in scriptures referred to as the Rich Young Ruler in Luke chapter 18 and Matthew chapter 19.  We know how the man came to Jesus and wanted to know what he could do to have eternal life.  I had often wondered why Jesus just did not say to this young man what he told Nicodemus in John chapter 3.  And I think it may because this young man was drowning.

All of this young man’s life was filled with keeping the Old Testament laws – specifically the Ten Commandments.  He knew what he needed to do to be a good person but yet he was seeking greater things than he had known.  He was wealthy, what was there that he could not have bought?

He was seeking something greater – something he could not purchase and yet something that he could not obtain because he was drowning.  Jesus told this young man if he wanted to be perfect to sell the things that he had and become a follower of Him.  However, instead of doing what Jesus suggested this young man went away.

You see, he was drowning in his possessions and riches.  Those things had him tied to the world.  It must have been what he worried about and thought about continually.  If he didn’t care about it so much he would have gladly gave what he had away and followed Jesus.

What kind of things do we all drown ourselves with?  Each day we awake and worry about things like work, bills, the economy, politics, …..and some odd fascinations with the zombie apocalypse…..(whatever that is all about).  How many of these things and other like it literally consume our lives – and when things like this consume our lives we begin to drown in them and we fail to survive and to thrive in this life.

Worry less and live more.  Seek God above all things (cf. Matthew 6:31-34)

~David S. Deagel


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